Friday, July 9, 2010

CGM trial

Well, I signed Grace up for a trial at Childrens through Wash. U. I am very excited about it, but I also have mixed feelings about it.
What I hope to gain from it:
A clearer vision of how Grace's BS is affected by eating and play/exercise.
What happens at night!?!?!?
Less fear of lows and More confidence while bringing her numbers to a lower range (I feel so safe between 150 and 200 - I need to to get over this and bring it down to 100)
See how Grace reacts to having it - will she want a pump?

What I want to avoid:
I know it's nieve, but I don't want Grace to suffer any negative consequences - mental or physical. With T1, it is ALWAYS in your mind. I don't want her to feel a constant reminder. I also do not want her to begin to feel self conscious . I want her to hold on to her confidence (where diabetes is concerned) as long as possible. NEVER feel ashamed.

Now - since we've made the decision to move forward, I just hope we are in the main study rather than the home study. 6 months is to long to wait for the monitor. I'm really to impatient for that

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