Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today's Perspective - Update

Wendy - thank you for your prayers and comment. And thank you to everyone who has kept Baby H in your thoughts and prayers. Please keep them coming. He has undergone his first surgery and is still recovering. They continue to discover exactly what is going on and are trying to treat one problem at a time. The good news is that he is getting stronger and they are able to process the information they are getting to ensure that they do the right things. Mom has been able to hold and snuggle with him which has its own strong healing powers unto its own. He has a tough road ahead of him, but everyday brings new information and some positive progress as well. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today's Perspective

Every year since Grace's diagnoses, We've participated in the ADA's Tour de Cure. We've already created our team for the June 2011 ride and I've been extra excited because both my girls were going to ride with us this year. We got a tag along bike and a new carrier for the 16 mile ride.

I've been getting together my personal fundraising page over the last few weeks. With it being diabetes awareness month, I decided to be "real" about living with diabetes. I put together a bunch of emotions, the fear and anger, that a parent faces with a five year old diabetic child. We've all discussed the truths of living with diabetes in DOC. I was putting it all out there. The things that might not show up on a Type 1 Google search.

This morning I was stopped in my tracks. I still can't process the news I got this morning.

A dear friend of mine gave birth to her first child last night. He was immediately put on life support and transferred to another hospital. He will, at a minimum, have two heart surgeries. The outlook does not look good at this time. My friend has not gotten to touch or hold her newborn child and only saw him for a minute.

I am going to take this time to be thankful for the life that we were given. It is rarely easy and maybe not the one I would have chosen for Grace, but I've held her, loved her, hugged her and watched her grow into a five year old little girl. I will not take any of that for granted.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to recognize

Wow - October has come and gone in the blink of an eye. We had an extremely busy month filled with family events, work, doctors appointments, flu shots, traveling, school parties, house parties, a fieldtrip and some trick or treating to finish it off right. We made it through somewhat unscathed and had some fun too. Everything was happening so fast that I didn't have to much time to worry. There were only a couple extreme highs (400's) and a handful of mild lows. I don't know if it was because we had no choice but to go with the flow and no time to stop and over analyze, but Grace's BS numbers were really good most of the month.

We were doing a lot of testing throughout the days, so we caught any numbers that were falling and avoided problems, but this is where I am getting concerned. Very early on, before Grace was even four, she started to recongnize her lows. Of coarse not every one, but by this year I was really feeling comfortable with her ability to tell me when she was low. We have been working on playtime. She might feel low, but she doesn't want to stop playing to tell me. So I've been really trying to reinforce how important it is to let me know and if we do quick sugar test and maybe a chewie (starburst), we don't have to sit and rest while we wait for her sugar to come up. This is very understandable problem for a five year old. I love that she is getting out there and playing with other kids and having tons of fun. I just watch a little more and test every 30-45 minutes. Problem solved. But this month we had probably four or five lows (60's-70's) that she didn't recognize. We only caught it because it was time to check for a snack or meal or what not. This is very scary to me. Even after she tested low & I asked how she felt, she said fine. She didn't feel low. I thought we were lucky because she was on top of recognizing her lows. Maybe it was all of the excitement and emotions of the month? With the holidays ahead of us, we will continue to test, test, test and remember to take time to slow down a little.