Thursday, July 29, 2010


I could really use the CGM now/ tonight. Gracie was 260 at dinner. We are still giving her shots after eating (I know - something we need to work on), so she got her insulin around 7:00. When we got home & ready for bed her sugar was 160 (around 7:45). What? That seems way to fast to get into range.
Is she dropping?
Should we do an extra snack?
Nah, we just decided to do the normal 12 carb snack. We'll re-check in a bit?
OK - 9:05 - BS = 144

You would think I would love to see this number and I really do, but it still makes me nervous.

I think I'll test one more time in a couple hours.

Sweet dreams baby girl!

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Taking control & letting go

This morning after our normal routine of finding the perfect outfit for today - I kid you not, she's worse than a teenager - Grace twirled and posed so that I could see just hope cute she looked today. We headed down stairs for a sugar test and rather than grabbing the poker, she grabbed the tester and said can you do that part, I want to try it. So I said of coarse and did her finger prick. I've always had to help with the other actual testing part, but with the Freestyle that we are using (from the CGM trial), she scooped it right up and got a reading. The high number didn't even matter because WOW, my big girl is becoming a big girl.

While all I want to do is take care of her, it is so amazing to watch her grow and become more independant. A lot of times I know she's ready for things before she believes in it, but sometimes she does something to remind me to let go of some of the control - she'll be OK and make me proud.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she did it last night too. I know there is no excuse, but to my defense I have a terrible cold and all I want to do is rest. We went upstairs to get ready for bed. We got all tucked in and started to read our book. She looked at me startled and said "Mommy, my shot." Yep, she remember her lantus. I completely forgot about it. We went in the kitchen to do her shot, get a snack and do the bedtime sugar test. She was low, so the "normal" routine was thrown off. We treated the low, got a snack, retested and headed upstairs. NO Lantus. Well, good thing Grace knows what's going on. She's definitely something special.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The count down has started - 3 1/2 weeks

Well, Grace's last day of daycare/preschool is August 11th. That evening is Kindergarten orientation, then the final meeting with the nurse on the 12th. I am so excited for her and the new adventures that she is going to experience, but handing her diabetes care off to new strangers is killing me. I still need to finish up her 504 Plan, start & finish her Healthcare Plan & put together a quick reference sheet for all teachers, nurses, after school care personell & anyone that will be in charge of of Grace at anytime. (Breath)

I am trying to stay calm, but I have a list a mile long of things I want/need to take care of before she starts school. Nothing is new, but I really want it all to go smoothly for her. She has enough to worry about with a new school, new friends (she only knows one person going to her new school), a new schedule, new people giving her shots, etc, etc, etc.

So, I started this post 2 days ago. I have now calmed down:
I just received my 2010 Calorie King for the nurse - CHECK

Tomorrow, Grace and I are going school shopping. We'll be able to check off quite a few "to Do's" and have a great time!!! She gets to pick out a new backpack, new lunchbox, and if we see something that works, a new diabetes bag. I love this stuff. She al so gets to pick out an outfit and get her first pedicure. I know, she is only 5, but she asked for it & has earned it through good behavior at bed time. She has done really well! We've had some nighttime issues and lots of fits, but nothing for 10 full days now.

To top things off, we get to share a strawberry banana smoothie. She loves them! It took some digging, but McDonald's finally posted the nutritional info. and the first go around worked as far as dosing. It should be a good day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey good lookin'

I know that I am suppose to emphasize that there are no bad numbers. That we learn from the numbers and make adjustments because of the numbers, but I have to admit, as a parent, today was fantastic (and much needed after the week we've had). In the past five days Grace's BS has ranged from 40 to 450. Her poor little body and big emotions have been tested.
We've been working with her nurse to try to get things dialed in and a little more balanced. So when she woke up at 305, I thought "here we go again."
I was waiting for the call from daycare all day. Nothing . . .
This is what I read when I got her daily log sheet:
9:00 - 179
11:00 - 122
12:00 - 134
3:30 -
6:00 - 154
8:00 - 89
What? Really? Where did this day come from? I don't think in the 3 years since she was diagnosed she's had all these good lookin' numbers in one day. Sweet dreams baby girl - sleep calmly!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

CGM trial

Well, I signed Grace up for a trial at Childrens through Wash. U. I am very excited about it, but I also have mixed feelings about it.
What I hope to gain from it:
A clearer vision of how Grace's BS is affected by eating and play/exercise.
What happens at night!?!?!?
Less fear of lows and More confidence while bringing her numbers to a lower range (I feel so safe between 150 and 200 - I need to to get over this and bring it down to 100)
See how Grace reacts to having it - will she want a pump?

What I want to avoid:
I know it's nieve, but I don't want Grace to suffer any negative consequences - mental or physical. With T1, it is ALWAYS in your mind. I don't want her to feel a constant reminder. I also do not want her to begin to feel self conscious . I want her to hold on to her confidence (where diabetes is concerned) as long as possible. NEVER feel ashamed.

Now - since we've made the decision to move forward, I just hope we are in the main study rather than the home study. 6 months is to long to wait for the monitor. I'm really to impatient for that

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