Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The count down has started - 3 1/2 weeks

Well, Grace's last day of daycare/preschool is August 11th. That evening is Kindergarten orientation, then the final meeting with the nurse on the 12th. I am so excited for her and the new adventures that she is going to experience, but handing her diabetes care off to new strangers is killing me. I still need to finish up her 504 Plan, start & finish her Healthcare Plan & put together a quick reference sheet for all teachers, nurses, after school care personell & anyone that will be in charge of of Grace at anytime. (Breath)

I am trying to stay calm, but I have a list a mile long of things I want/need to take care of before she starts school. Nothing is new, but I really want it all to go smoothly for her. She has enough to worry about with a new school, new friends (she only knows one person going to her new school), a new schedule, new people giving her shots, etc, etc, etc.

So, I started this post 2 days ago. I have now calmed down:
I just received my 2010 Calorie King for the nurse - CHECK

Tomorrow, Grace and I are going school shopping. We'll be able to check off quite a few "to Do's" and have a great time!!! She gets to pick out a new backpack, new lunchbox, and if we see something that works, a new diabetes bag. I love this stuff. She al so gets to pick out an outfit and get her first pedicure. I know, she is only 5, but she asked for it & has earned it through good behavior at bed time. She has done really well! We've had some nighttime issues and lots of fits, but nothing for 10 full days now.

To top things off, we get to share a strawberry banana smoothie. She loves them! It took some digging, but McDonald's finally posted the nutritional info. and the first go around worked as far as dosing. It should be a good day!

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