Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey good lookin'

I know that I am suppose to emphasize that there are no bad numbers. That we learn from the numbers and make adjustments because of the numbers, but I have to admit, as a parent, today was fantastic (and much needed after the week we've had). In the past five days Grace's BS has ranged from 40 to 450. Her poor little body and big emotions have been tested.
We've been working with her nurse to try to get things dialed in and a little more balanced. So when she woke up at 305, I thought "here we go again."
I was waiting for the call from daycare all day. Nothing . . .
This is what I read when I got her daily log sheet:
9:00 - 179
11:00 - 122
12:00 - 134
3:30 -
6:00 - 154
8:00 - 89
What? Really? Where did this day come from? I don't think in the 3 years since she was diagnosed she's had all these good lookin' numbers in one day. Sweet dreams baby girl - sleep calmly!

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