Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking control & letting go

This morning after our normal routine of finding the perfect outfit for today - I kid you not, she's worse than a teenager - Grace twirled and posed so that I could see just hope cute she looked today. We headed down stairs for a sugar test and rather than grabbing the poker, she grabbed the tester and said can you do that part, I want to try it. So I said of coarse and did her finger prick. I've always had to help with the other actual testing part, but with the Freestyle that we are using (from the CGM trial), she scooped it right up and got a reading. The high number didn't even matter because WOW, my big girl is becoming a big girl.

While all I want to do is take care of her, it is so amazing to watch her grow and become more independant. A lot of times I know she's ready for things before she believes in it, but sometimes she does something to remind me to let go of some of the control - she'll be OK and make me proud.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she did it last night too. I know there is no excuse, but to my defense I have a terrible cold and all I want to do is rest. We went upstairs to get ready for bed. We got all tucked in and started to read our book. She looked at me startled and said "Mommy, my shot." Yep, she remember her lantus. I completely forgot about it. We went in the kitchen to do her shot, get a snack and do the bedtime sugar test. She was low, so the "normal" routine was thrown off. We treated the low, got a snack, retested and headed upstairs. NO Lantus. Well, good thing Grace knows what's going on. She's definitely something special.

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