Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why I cried today . . .

- Grace starts kindergarten in one week.

- Grace has diabetes

- Diabetes sucks

- never dreamt 504 plans, health care action plans and quick reference sheets would be part of getting ready for kindergarten

- I have to trust a whole new bunch of people to care for my baby girl & hope they can take as good care of her as her daycare/preschool has

- The vet thought Chloe (my dog) had cancer (good news here, things are fine, just an infection.

- I packed up my one year olds old winter clothes to give away = both my girls are growing up so fast.

- Oh Yeah - diabetes sucks

I feel better now. I'm ready for a new day. Tomorrow will be a good one!

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Meri said...

Hey! I cried yesterday too! I think that makes us best friends. :) Hope today is a better day Andee. I'm glad you left a nice to "meet" you! Would it be ok for me to add you to my blog list?

Much love to you!

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