Thursday, August 26, 2010

Show me the numbers!

Well, we've moved on to the next step of the CGM study. We finally got the monitor/sensor. There's one catch - it's blinded for two weeks. All that we get to see are the actual BS tests. I can't wait to see the numbers.

I have such mixed emotions about this study and putting Grace through it. I know I've talked about it before, but now that she has this extra "thing" attached to her arm, it reminds me every time I look at her that she has this unfair, unforgiving, awful disease. We try very hard to teach Grace to NEVER be ashamed of having diabetes. Right now she is a confident little girl and does not know the concept of good or bad self-esteem. I want her to hold on to her confidence knowing that so many girls struggle with it as they get older. I am so excited about what we might learn about how her little body works with the CGM, but I don't want her to have any insecurity or embarrassment. I write this because she basically threw her monitor last night. Yes she was "HI", and I hope this CGM helps get rid of all of those highs that make her feel so lousy, but I hate to her so upset about diabetes. I know it's because I hate it too and wish I could take it all away. On the other side, today was a new day. Grace was excited about the new case, belt and was showing her friend M her new meter. I'm so proud of her and really hope that after the two week blind study, we are picked for full study. I really don't want to wait another six months to get the CGM. As crazy as they can make us, I really want to see the numbers.

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Meri said...

You don't get to see the numbers!! AHHH! How frustrating!! I hope you get to do the longer study. I know it will bring some relief to the diabetes tornado!

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