Friday, August 27, 2010

3 year Diaversary

I do not think I can write much about this right now (other than the fact that I am at work), it is amazing how raw the emotions can still be.

Yes - I did have to step away from my desk before I lost it.

As any D-parent knows, the of diagnosois truely ROCKS your world. As much as diabetes is know second nature in our lives, it seems like yesterday that we heard those awful words: Grace has type 1 diabetes. When caring for a person with diabetes you can have the feeling of complete control one minute and whithin the same hour have no idea where that control went. They are tough emotions when it involves your child!

I have learned so much about diabetes, blood sugar, diet, nutrition, exercise, (etc, etc, etc) and how all of those things come together to affect Grace and her body, both emotionally and physically. But, even with all of the knowledge and practice in the world, a BS number of 295 or 350 pops on to the screen and **BOOM** back to square one. Curse all of the great mysteries of Diabetes.

I will end by saying that Grace - and all of the other T1's I have met - are AMAZING children and individuals. She is strong, confident, brave and will always be my sweet baby girl!

(Props to all the mom's and dad's out there taking care of these woderful kids! It take a D-Mom/Dad to truely understand!)

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