Thursday, October 7, 2010

If you don't have one - you need one!!!

OK - So I thought I'd participate in the NO D Blog Day. What a perfect time to admit to myself, and everyone else, that I have a problem. Yes, a serious addiction. I keep something attached to me at ALL time. Monring, noon and night. It never leaves my side. If I go to the kitchen, it usually comes with me, if I go to bed, it sits on my bedside table. I get seperation anxiety when we are apart. I think I need an intervention.

I am talking about my iphone. Yes, my iphone. I truely feel lost without it. I use it in EVERY aspect of my life. I do not know how I survided without it. I'm surprised I wasn't walking in circles (OK, I still do that, but you get what I am saying). If Apple needs a spokeswomen, I am that person. I think everyone should have one. Let me tell you about the ways I use my phone and about a few of my favorite apps:

  • Of course email and internet = anytime access to
  • Social apps: Free RSS feed (anytime access to some blog reading), Blogpress (to post to my blog) & Facebook. Also, just last night I found a new app - Tango. This is video calling for those in my family that won't update to the iPhone 4 (I think I'm an iPhone snob too). My girls love to video chat with G'ma.
  • Our Groceries - this holds all of our families lists: groceries, Target, Walmart, and Andee's misc. stuff. The GREAT thing about this app. is that my husband has it on his phone too. Our list sync whenever either one of us adds something or crosses something off. LOVE IT!
  • Accounts - yes, I even have my checkbook register on my phone
  • Walgreens app. - for any prescription I might need to refill
  • Restaurants app. - I won't mention why I use this ALL of the time, but it does have all of nutritional informations (carbs. and calories, etc) for just about every restaurant chain. LOVE IT!
  • Then there are shopping apps. (Ebay, Groupon, etc.) and recipe apps. (I wish I actually used these), motivational quote apps, traffic apps, realtor apps., sports apps. , book apps., music apps, picture apps., Christmas list apps. and more and more and more apps. . . . . . I could go on if you like :)

Ok Ok I'll stop now. I think you get the picture. I really love my phone. Oh yeah! It is a phone too! I can actually make calls - which I rarely use. Weird isn't it?

Love my iPhone.

If you don't have one, I really think you need one!

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Hallie said...

I am totally in LOVE and addicted to my iphone. I call my daughter Sweet Baby Girl. Even though she's almost 4. And your URL almost made me cry. I wish it were me, too.

Glad to meet you!

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