Monday, September 6, 2010

And yes, it does get easier!

I love Uni-solve. I am sooo glad it actually worked. You never know with stuff like that.

We took G's CGM off on Saturday night. I thought it would be mentally easier on Grace if we took a day or two off from the monitor. I am still shocked how much smoother the removal went. With a little patience it was pain free.

It even had Grace reminding me Sunday evening that we were going to put on the new one. It was such a relief to hear her.

We waiting one more night and put the new sensor on this morning. Smoother than expected. No bleeding, no errors, no problem.

Ahhhh. A good start to a good week ahead. I can feel it!

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Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by!

We had a CGM for a few weeks last year and **I** couldn't handle it!!! Information overload for this mama!!!!

We may give it another go ... eventually.

Nice to "meet" you :)

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